Wright Family

We just had the privilege of meeting Terry Wright, who drove out to Fort Scott, KS from the Joplin area of Missouri to cheer us on! Terry brought us some of her daughters (Shelby) favorite cupcakes!! Shelby - you have great taste! Thanks for coming out and seeing us Terry!
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Stephen said...

Kyle, Wow what can I say. You are an inspiration to us all. Couldn't be prouder.

Sean, Keep that great smile, thank you for talking to me and give that big brother of yours a big hug for me.

John, Go get Team Huntington, it looks like 57 miles plus their penalty. Ask Kyle if that is close enough. You guys had great times at ts Ft. Scott and Weaubleau. Great Job.

Mike, I didn't get the pleasure of meeting you, but we appreciate the great job you are doing.

What an honor to meet the entire Team FARA.

Git-R-Done Boys!

Steve, Terri & Shelby

Terri said...

Glad to hear you had great times at Ft. Scott and Weaubleau. We were afraid the extra time to visit with Loran and me slowed your YC take off. Sean - that must have been terrific oatmeal!BTW this was the hottest day in KS this year. 92 degrees w/o the heat index - you guys are our heroes!