Keith Michael Andrus, 12/21/1985 - 1/22/2010

Team FARA Riders and Crew dedicate our last day of riding to Keith Michael Andrus.

Keith's diagnosis of Friedreich's ataxia at age 11, inspired his parents, Raychel and Ron Bartek, to join him in his fight, and found FARA. Even during the final and very challenging months of Keith's life he courageously continued to not only advocate for himself but for others with FA as he left no stone unturned exploring advanced and experimental treatment options. Keith’s legacy and inspiration lives on in Team FARA, pushing us forward, deepening our commitment and giving us a urgency.

We often quote Ron as saying, "Acting alone there is little any of us can accomplish whereas acting together there is little we will not accomplish." These words are deeply rooted in the FARA culture- the way we pursue treatments and a cure for FA and today as we complete this amazing journey, Keith is with us.


Mary Hallett said...

Big day today. Keith, we love you... Ron and Rachel, we thank you. Team FARA, you're in the final stretch and have touched the world. We're cheering you on right to that finish line - Let's make their 1,000 blog hits wish come true!! GO Team FARA!

Spinner said...

Go Team FARA!

fara said...

Team FARA (Racers and Crew),
We of the world's FA FAmily (growing daily because of your courage, commitment and resolve) are all so very proud and appreciative of you! We are absolutely astounded at your accomplishments! Having seen this morning that you are dedicating this final day of your race to Keith Michael Andrus, Felicia will not be surprised to hear that I am wiping away tears of positive emotion. Just as Keith inspired Raychel and me and all of us who continue to join the FA FAmily around the world, you and your indomitable spirit lift us all up - you truly lift us all up.

Some FAmily members, representing all of us everywhere, will be there with you as you cross the Annapolis finish line. With the courage, commitment, resolve and spirit you inspire in us all, all of us - the whole grateful FAmily - will also be there with you at the finish line of FA treatments and a cure. Thank you for being the awesome people and the awesome Team you are.
Your very grateful FAmily

Yvonne said...

Happy Father's Day to all you great Dad's.
Congratulations Team FARA and crew.
Mission accomplished!! Awesome....