Kansas, we have a problem

Deliriousness - it's afflicted us all. Trying to capture the essential
amount of shut-eye in between successive shifts, while travelling in a
beater RV, is proving difficult. John is displaying all the signs of
sleep deprivation: cackling at Phil's third grade jokes,
seriously considering our dares to ride naked (if the price is right)
and having trouble dressing himself (see pic). It doesn't help that
his crew is nearly as delirious.


Claudia's Ride Ataxia blog said...

That is too cute! I can just feel it....Is it possible to increase sleep hours per person? We want you to make it to the end:))
You guys are awesome!

Blake said...

I think John was expecting some pledges on this one.

Gina said...

You can do it John!!! :) P.S. Can you post some of Phil's jokes??? Here's a third grade one for you: Why was the mime going crazy last night at 2am? Because his neighbor was playing a blank tape at full blast!

steph and John said...

Remember babe, I said only if the price is right!!!! Love you lots:)