Into Missouri

Hot and humid. Concentrating on staying Hydrated. NUUN is key!


earlyjessica said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work

LAWRENCE said...

The joy in your both your eyes (both of you)
beams right through those oh so dark shades.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
your pal - superlario.

Amanda said...

Boy howdy do the states fly by!!!! Thanks for letting us see the milestones you cross. I can't get over how hard you're all working, but I never see anything but joy on your faces!

hopper576 said...

Tracking you guys from work in Boston, Mass. You are covering some ground! B/T/W, don't know if you can catch any of it but the Celtics - Lakers epic game 7 tonight might provide a good distraction. Regards to the TEAM and Crew.

matt said...

The RAAM website shows you averaging 53.65mph through TS 30 and 25.68mph through TS 31 - crazy fast! Keep up the good work!