Go Team FARA


Stephen said...

What an amazing group of people!
With friends and FAmily like this, the sky is the limit! All things are possible.

Thank You
Steve, Terri, Shelby
Believe in Miracles!

Spinner said...

Wow - you & the crew still look amasingly well! Maybe Sean will come out to the Philly Ride ????

Dan Parker-King said...


Your voyage has brought Ataxia out of the shadows and into the view of the world. A 3,000 mile bike ride across the USA is something few have dared to attempt. Your ride has not only brought awareness to Ataxia but it has also allowed you all to experience something incredible!

Props to the riders for enduring such an inspirational journey, and props to the crew who were there every step of the way.

For those of us that couldn’t ride, this blog made it exciting to follow along and take a moment to send positive thoughts to the team. Congratulations on making the full trek! Now you can finally kick your feet up and watch some world cup! You guys deserve it!