Video of Team FARA in Action!

Team FARA cruises through Kansas with a little help from local fans. See the team, crew, and fan support in action!


Blair DeSaw said...

Love it! This is what it is all about.

Almost 2/3 the way there - once they cross the Mississippi at about 3am - there will be less than 1000 miles remaining.

Go Team FARA !

Linda said...

So heart touching! It's all so cool how we are all thinking the same thing every minute of each of these days. We are so proud of you ALL! Speechless! hmmm, me speechless? oh no! Later folks! Be safe, have fun.

Mary Hallett said...

Absolutely love seeing you all in action! Way to go team and crew (and fans). You are all truly amazing and we couldn't be prouder. Together, we will get that cure! GO Team FARA

Pam said...

Sean and Kyle,
What a great video - you guys really know how to bring awareness to everyone!

cwade said...

You go boys! Keep it up!

Mandy said...

We send our prayers, hopes and dreams for a cure from here in Canada. Wish we could be roadside to cheer you on! YOU ROCK!

Beth said...

Who went 53.65 mph????? You guys are CRAZY awesome!!!