Live GPS Tracking!

You can follow Team FARA live online using our GPS tracking site provided by  Check it out by clicking HERE. Starting June 12 this page will feature a little dot that will indicate where we are at all times.  This link is also located above or you can bookmark it so you can check back often.

The start of the race is now less than two weeks away and we are all anxious to get on the road.  The four riders plus 13 crew members have been on weekly conference calls for the last several months and we are confident that we have all the details figured out.  The goal is to overthink stuff before hand so when we hit the road, everything is automatic and all we have to do is turn the crank. 

Speaking of turning the crank, I received a bunch of gear from Catrike a couple days ago and finally got the chance to assemble it and try it out over the weekend.  Catrike sent me a set of front wheels with super fast Schwalbe Kojak tires and ceramic bearings.  I am confident my trike is performing better than ever, and all members of the team are in the best shape of our lives!  Bring on The Race!



A few weeks ago our team rode in the Chico Wildflower.  While hanging out after the ride we met Richard Smith the founder/owner of Fluid Recovery Drink.  A little history on Fluid from

"Fluid founders Richard Smith and Dave Brown gained local and national attention for their research in nutritional biochemistry at Cal Pol State University and their work with athletes both nationally and internationally. Today they continue their sports science research and are developing new products to diversify the Fluid line of recovery drinks.

You can find the stylized Fluid logo sponsoring athletes across several disciplines, including Olympic Track & Field athletes, BMX world champions, AVP volleyball players, and a professional triathlon development team. For more information about NEHP, Fluid, or its founders please contact us.
The original mission: Fluid, Everything you need, nothing you don’t."
We were chatting with Richard and we mentioned our upcoming RAAM adventure.  He was immediately hooked and he offered his help in any way he could.  We mentioned that we did not have a recovery drink at that point and he said "DONE".  Richard is sending us all the product we will need for recovery after every 4 hour shift.
Richard has also set up a promotional code for all Team FARA fans:  Fluid is proud to be a supporting sponsor of TeamFARA! For a limited time, 20% of every order placed at with code "GoTeamFARA" will be donated back to the team. Go get some Fluid Recovery drink now & support the team!


Radio Promo

Hey Folks.  I was on the radio this morning talking about Ride Ataxia and Team FARA.  Click HERE to listen.



Check out the team Jerseys donated by Lawrence Phillips / Phillips Blueshirt Co. and AK Apparel.  Larry (superlario) has been our jersey designer for about a year and he has designed some killer jerseys for the Philly, Tampa, and NorCal rides and we are super stoked with the job he did on the RAAM jersey.

Click HERE for a larger view of the jersey.

Larry also did something a little special for us.  He designed shirts for the crew.  These will be tshirts made of breathable jersey style material.  We are all one team and Larry is helping us look like it!  

Click HERE for a larger view of the crew shirt.

The shirts and jerseys are being manufactured right now courtesy of AK Apparel.



I ride the Catrike 700; reputably the fastest non-custom trike out there.  The 700 is very aerodynamic, very light and it has that huge 700c wheel in the back for high speed power.  Plus it just looks cool:
The one difficulty (and this is true of amost all trikes) is that there are a couple parts that you can't find in a regular bike shop, specifically the 16" wheels up front.  Now this is no huge deal, it is just not as easy as going down to the bike shop and picking up a fresh set of tires and tubes.  It takes a little foresight, shopping (which is actually fun when you're shopping for bike parts) and planning.

Our Team Mechanic, Mechanic Mike, gave us all a list of parts he would like us to have for the race, which included spare tires, tubes, wheels, spokes, derailleur hangers etc.  So I went to work finding all this stuff and the first email I sent was to Catrike because I figured this would be the easiest way to find a spare 16" wheel with a disc brake.  I got an email right back saying that Catrike would be stoked to support the team with whatever we need.  Such great people!

So my list is cut way down and I am just rounding up some simple stuff.  This is a team effort and Catrike is playing a big part, thanks guys!

Find out more about the full line of Catrike performance trikes at at


Hitch Rider

Trike transport is not easy.  A trike is large and it has 3 wheels!

We need to transport two trikes on RAAM.  One trike will be on the roof of the van for use if the primary trike fails and one trike needs to be easily accessible for constant on and off during riding shifts.

So I emailed the guys at Hitch Rider to see if they could help us out and they said they'd donate one of their single trike tilting racks for our adventure!  The rack is being shipped to my place right now!  Thanks Hitch Rider!

Find out more about Hitch Rider trike racks and bike racks at


TeamFARA on Good Day Sacramento

Mike Mellott and Sean Baumstark were able to interview with Mark S. Allen this morning on Sacramento's premiere morning show, Good Day Sacramento.
Upon learning the story about TeamFARA and RAAM, Allen said "we want to champion your cause."
Mark S. Allen and his crew at Good Day Sacramento gave us an incredible opportunity this morning to share with tens of thousands of viewers about Ride Ataxia NorCal, RAAM, and The Ataxian documentary currently being produced by Kevin Schlanser.

Unfortunately, Kyle's grandmother Mac, passed away at the end of last week and he and his family have been together in Montana for the past few days, causing him to miss today's interview. Grandparents are very special people, constant pillars of support and encouragement. Please remember Kyle, his father & Crew Chief Mike, and the entire Bryant family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of such a special and important woman.