Sunrise climb

Top of a tough climb followed by a signature John Lockwood screamin'
descent in West Virginia.

Almost there!


Linda said...

Thats a great picture Kyle! You looked relaxed!!
I see Sean is having trouble with his Blackberry and probably unable to see whats being posted. I suggested he remove the battery for a few minutes and it can re-boot. Just a thought. He may have already tried it.

Spinner said...

Hum ... you have the look of a ... tough climb, but this Race has been full of them! However, what goes up must come down ... John's BOM time!!!Go, GO, GO!!!

Karen said...

Yeah! You are moving again. I was afraid you were stuck. Hope everyone is okay and the rest of the ride is smooth sailing, I mean peddling.

Claudia's Ride Ataxia blog said...

You guys are so amazing and give us hope. Best of luck to you all the way to the finish line. You give us so much hope. Much love from Sophia and family

Terri said...

Happy Father's Day and Finish Day to Team FARA and the crew. Love and prayers to all, Terri and Loran Martin

Linda said...

3:30 Texas time and I know your getting close. What a wonderful group of people you all are, and to Kyle's Dad, what a great Fathers Day this is for you! I know your proud and have every reason to be! We all are so glad to be a part of this even if it's in a small way. Congratulations to you all, good job, continue to be safe!!