Mikes sorry

He texted me this picture when he got me lost yesterday and I had to
ride 9 miles In 97 degree heat 50% humidity... I forgave him... Who
can resist that puppy dog face, lol


Linda said...

Forgiveness is wonderful! I hate to see anyone THAT sad!

Spinner said...

If not for 'Forgiveness' I'd be in soooooo - can you say, 'up a creek with NO paddle, I don't even have a boat just a log or two' GO, Go, Go!!!

Susan said...

Hey Mike - nice beard you are sporting!
We were wearing sweaters in Seattle today - a little heat sounds good

t.bridgman said...

Looking very "fresh" Mike.
You actually did a ggod thing,
now, Team FARA can say they went the furthest!

preansibal said...

I think I remember that look when you forgot your homework...

Mr. E