Running strong

I lost track of days now... getting a little time to read some of the
comments from everyone. Thank you all for your support, thank you for
being a fire behind us giving motivation when nights get dark and the
miles get long. Know that just as much as we are in your thoughts that
you are in ours as well... The friends family I love you!


t.bridgman said...

I got home from the office the other day, checked on your blog for about the tenth time that day, had a little time before picking up Max, so put on my Ride Ataxia jersey and pedaled the hills like a nut on my old Ride Ataxia bike - thinking of you guys the whole time. Hope that helped whoever was riding at that time. Tom

Doug Reid said...

Mike!!! Keep up the good work! You have been an inspiration to so many! We are all cheering for you and our whole staff is praying for you & sean and your whole team & crew! We believe in you and know that God is giving you the strength to do this. We love you and are proud of you Mike!!