Healthy Break

Team FARA riders and crew have been working nonstop for 7 days now. We
have been kicking butt and had a rough, wet night last night so we
took 2 hours this afternoon to regroup and make the final push for the
finish. We reflected on the past week and we are all overehelmingly
proud of how far we have come but we realize that we are not done yet.

We just got back on the road more focused than ever with our sights
set on the finish line.


Pam said...

You guys are all doing a great job! Thank you also for taking the time to keep us updated all the time. It has been so wonderful to know how you are doing all along the way. Kick butt on your last 500 miles!!

Spinner said...

Seven days, OK the non-stop part - But THE TEAM has been working hard many more days that that! It's good to regroup and refocuse on the goal. You all should be very proud of how far you come, but like you said your not done yet. GO, spin, GO!!!

Socal2va said...

The whole team rocks!!! Can't wait 'till you get to Annapolis!

Linda said...

Way to go people!

Yvonne said...

Less than 500 miles to go! You are such an inspiration.