Maize/Wichita support

Team FARA just got a huge shot of energy back about 25 miles from Bill & Marty and their families! These 2 fellow FA patients rallied their troops and they set up with posters and loud cheers at the time station in Maize! They also got us a police escort through town! It was exciting and motivating to ride in to this kind of support! The FA community as a whole is making a difference, and we are honored to be representing that community in Race Across America.
Bill, Marty, and families - thank you for your support! You'll never know how motivating and empowering you guys are for this team! Hope is alive and kicking (and pedaling too).

We will try to upload pictures from this rendezvous later.
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Linda said...

I am so happy you had the big welcome party here! I wish we could take a world picture of all who is following you and cheering you on! Everyone of you are amazing, and being able to follow and see pics is the best ever, thanks again for what your doing and remember to keep safe!!!

Terri said...

I couldn't agree more! What a joy it was to meet all of you and to continue to "watch" your progress via photos and blog messages. I thought part of your welcoming party in Maize may have been Amy and Rebecca. Loran and I have not met Bill, Marty and Linda, but we know Mike and Lauren! You're probably physically out of KS now, but you'll always be in our hearts and prayers.