While the individual team members have been training on their own, we started our weekly team training runs last weekend.  It was great to start putting in the miles on the bike alongside teammates.  It helps us build camaraderie and collectively push our cycling limits.  This weekend we have a 24 hour relay ride planned to begin to get a feel of riding around the clock and the kinds of things we’ll need from our support crew.

Team FARA on the RAAM Website:
We are honored to have our Team FARA photos and the cyclists’ bios posted on the Race Across America site.  To view the profile please click here. 

Team FARA in RAAM Documentary:
We are also excited to be working with film maker Kevin Schlanser to capture the Race Across America journey on film and bring awareness to Friedreich’s ataxia research.  Kevin has already started filming the team as we prepare for our cross country journey.  To view the documentary trailer please visit:

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