Meet the Team

Team FARA’s 4 members will ride for 30 minutes each before trading positions with a rider in a vehicle.  This strategy will allow the team to have at least one rider on the move 24 hours a day.  The team will travel the 3000 mile route in less than 9 days.

The team is made up of 4 cyclists who are dedicated to the FARA cause and who have participated in cycling events as a team in the past.

Note:  The interviews below were recorded after the team's participation in the RAAM informational seminar which was a 9 hour day of nonstop information about how to get our team across the country safely.

Kyle Bryant
“It’s not just about me anymore, it's about all of us affected by this disease.  We're all in this together.”
Founder and Director of Ride Ataxia, FARA’s cycling fundraiser. Diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia at age 17, Kyle’s symptoms made riding a traditional bicycle unsafe as he reached college. After graduation he purchased a 3-wheeled cycle and began a journey that would change his life riding 3,500 miles in 3 years and raising over $800,000 for FA research. He’s been cycling ever since and is no stranger to long distances.
Sean Baumstark
“My commitment to cycling is the core of my physical battle strategy against FA, the disease that jeopardizes the quality of life for myself and many of my friends.”
Sean was diagnosed with FA in May of 2007.  Devastated by the news he immediately started looking for ways to fight back.  Searching online he discovered Kyle Bryant and Ride Ataxia.  Kyle and Sean met a few days later and have been friends ever since.  Sean fights the effects of FA by staying active and fit and rode with the Ride Ataxia team in 2008 from Sacramento to Las Vegas.
John Lockwood
“I am so excited to be competing in RAAM with Team FARA. I believe this will be the ultimate testimonial for those with FA to take the challenge of fighting the disease head on. I also believe that raising awareness through the ‘world’s toughest bike race’ will bring additional attention and curiosity towards FA that will lead to increased awareness and fundraising to contribute to the research efforts needed to find a cure.”
John started Cycling in 2007 but didn’t really get passionate until meeting Kyle Bryant and learning more about Ride Ataxia and his mission to raise awareness about FA through cycling. John has since participated in Ride Ataxia II & III, and various century rides throughout California.

Mike Mellott
“I am excited for the chance to ride for such a great cause and experience an adventure that will change lives because of it!”
Mike got into cycling 5 years ago on his mountain bike with the goal to get outside more.  Mike has been friends with Sean for years and upon hearing about Sean’s diagnosis immediately became a strong supporter of the cause.  Mike has been road biking since 2008 in Ride Ataxia II from Sacramento to Las Vegas. 

Meet the Crew
Mike Bryant is a founding member of the Ride Ataxia Team and has participated in every mile traveled in the events (approximately 3,500 but who's counting) in support of the FA community. His accomplishments include a 2,500 mile ride from San Diego to Memphis a 650 mile ride from Sacramento to Las Vegas and a 200 mile ride from Portland to Seattle. Building on the experience from many miles on the road, Mike will serve the team on the crew.

Diane Bryant is a founding member of the Ride Ataxia Team and has served as crew for every Ride Ataxia event to date. Diane brings the committment of a loving Mother and the experience of many miles on the road.

Team FARA is actively seeking at least 6 more members for the crew. To find out a little more, please visit How YOU can help.


Dynah said...

AWESOME! This is super exciting!

Pam said...

Wow this is amazing and I have no doubt that you guys will get to the finish line and have some incredible stories and memories!!

meir said...

This is the ultimate sacrifice, something that you continue to do for the whole community of FA. We are forever grateful for what you do on a daily basis Kyle! Ride on!!!!

Spinner said...

Awareness - yes! It was 100% my pleasure riding just 400 miles on your first ride. Again,I had so much fun riding into Vegas - BUMBED that I missed Seattles ride. Philly caught me off gard, but I'm sure it was GREAT FUN also. I was looking for some thing in Chicago - RAAM does kind off come close! Don't forget it's what you do on a DAILY basis that really counts. Keep Riding!

Spinner said...

"a 3,000+ mile route with 100,000 vertical feet of climbing at an average minimum speed of 14 mph."
***Wow***I guess the average on my 'part' of Ride Ataxia of 10 mph wouldn't cut it - I bumped my personal average up to 12 before RAII & III, but as of today I'm sure it's way lower now (Thank you Linda - I'm slower, but I have 'way' more fun!:))

Larry said...

John and Kyle and all of the FARA Team,

We were so pleased to meet you in the Walmart parking lot in Prescott, AZ. Good luck to you all. We will be watching your progress all the way. We'll also be donating to the cause!

Best wishes, Larry and Carolyn Lawlyes, Prescott, AZ

markr said...

Great to find your blog site. You are an inspiration!