Team FARA Sponsorship Opportunities

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Team FARA Sponsorship Opportunities

Total Team Sponsor - $30,000 or six (6) $5,000 contributing Sponsorships

Team FARA sponsorship will cover the entry fee for a 4 person team, travel, lodging, food, rental vehicles and team jerseys.

Benefits of Sponsorship
Team FARA sponsors will benefit from the media coverage of the ride itself as well as specific FARA publicity, including:

Web Exposure:

In 2009, during the month of June, experienced swells of traffic as the page views soared to over 6 million.  Visitors will link to the Team FARA website through the RAAM website. 

Media Exposure:

Sponsors will receive recognition on all FARA press releases and media spots (TV, Radio, Newspaper) where appropriate. 

As an in-house production RAAM will engage 15 professional journalists, photographers, videographers and on-camera personalities to follow the race course coast-to-coast.  

Exposure At Start And Finish Celebrations:

Crowds of thousands attend the starting event in Oceanside where each team is announced along with its sponsors before they parade through the town to the official start line.  The race ends in Annapolis, MD where the entire town and thousands of visitors gather to congratulate the finishers. 

Exposure From Team FARA:

  • Prominent Logo placements:
    • SAG vehicles(3 vehicles total)
    • Rider jerseys and crew clothing
  • Logo, Company name and tag line on all promotional materials
  • Logo and link to company website on,, and the FARA Facebook Fan Page


xxbriandavidxx said...


My name is Brian Donovan, I have FA, I also have an internet radio station called Wicked Awesome Internet Radio. I have qa website for it I have a space on it, I would like to offer FARA for the upcomeing ride. the space size is 428 x 344. thanks if you would like the space feel free to contact me at

Spinner said...

what about getting one or more of the Vans, trailers, ??? 'wrapped' advertising the event (for example My Dad and I were considering this for the Ride Ataxia